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  • How the Swiss have navigated crisis (mis)communication during Covid-19 mei 24, 2020
    From red and pink posters in public squares to ministers’ frequent appearances on the nightly news, officials in Switzerland have worked hard to gain control of communication about the pandemic. Has effective messaging helped flatten the curve?  “We must act as quickly as possible but as slowly as necessary.”   It’s no accident that this statement by the min […]
    Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi
  • China flexes its muscles at the UN mei 23, 2020
    Flaunting its role as a great power, China is wielding expanding influence in a United Nations weakened by the battering it has taken from the Trump administration. Its financial contributions are increasing, as are the number of leadership posts taken by Chinese nationals at the UN specialised agencies. This influence becomes problematic when the focus is h […]
    Frédéric Burnand (text) and Philip Schaufelberger (illustration)
  • When Switzerland began distancing from Europe mei 23, 2020
    When the Second World War ended 75 years ago, large parts of Europe and the world lay in ruins. Switzerland, meanwhile, was still in decent shape. Historian Jakob Tanner revisits this post-war period and its consequences for Swiss-European relations. swissinfo.ch: In 1945, entire countries had been reduced to rubble and ash. What was the end of the war like […]
    Jakob Schönhagen
  • Banking on a long life: longevity as a financial service mei 23, 2020
    Quite a few new digital financial services are challenging traditional banks by targeting niche groups of customers. The theory is that they stand a better chance of getting people to switch banks if they aim tailor-made services at groups who feel they are being under-served. The danger of putting too many eggs in one basket is that the target group may be […]
    Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch
  • What remains of Swiss democracy after Covid-19 measures? mei 22, 2020
    On March 16 the Swiss government declared an “extraordinary situation”. People had to stay at home for two months. The spring session of parliament was cancelled. The May referendum was postponed. The government ruled alone by emergency decree. Where does that leave direct democracy?  Martina Mousson*, a political scientist from the gfs.bern research institu […]
    Michele Andina, swissinfo.ch
  • Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland mei 24, 2020
    Switzerland is gradually easing unprecedented Covid-19 restrictions in a bid to avoid further damage to the economy. This is where things stand and the latest on the measures in place. An “extraordinary situation” is in place. All private and public events are banned, as are gatherings of more than five people. The government has announced plans to re-open i […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • How Swiss police approach coronavirus crowd control mei 21, 2020
    Now that the lockdown measures have been relaxed, people in Switzerland are eagerly enjoying more days and evenings out. But as proprietors and guests fail – or forget – to comply with social distancing rules, some wonder why the police aren’t cracking down harder. The combination of fine spring weather and a wave of re-openings has lured many people back to […]
    Susan Misicka
  • Why more women than men have gotten Covid-19 during lockdown mei 21, 2020
    Data reveals that more women than men have been infected with Covid-19 since distancing measures started in Switzerland. What’s behind the phenomenon? When the coronavirus first started spreading throughout Switzerland, men represented a larger share of confirmed cases. The number of women infected started inching upwards to reach an even gender split by the […]
    Jessica Davis Plüss, Jonas Glatthard
  • If I could share the Alps with my father again mei 21, 2020
    Locked down in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Scott Haas can still see as clear as day the mountain peaks surrounding his second home in the Swiss Alps. They are what inspire the writer and clinical psychologist. When it came time to start the ascent of Mount Pilatus, my father said he was afraid of going into a cable car, afraid of going to the top of the mounta […]
    Scott Haas
  • Swiss corona protests: conspiracy theories vs political rights mei 20, 2020
    Switzerland is now well into phase two of its three-stage loosening of Covid-19 restrictions, but this hasn’t stopped citizens gathering to protest against the government’s measures. For three weekends running, they have defied a ban on political demonstrations – as well as a general ban on meetings of more than five people – and have gathered in small but l […]
    Domhnall O'Sullivan, with input from Alexander Thoele, swissinfo.ch

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