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Day trip hike around Walensee – Just moved to Switzerland

Last Saturday we spontaneously decided to go to Walensee for the day. I actually want this on the record guys: a lot of my weekend or day trips in Switzerland are planned last minute and I am a really imperfect blogger in the sense that I don’t get up super early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the photos before everyone gets there – I think for Walensee we left the house around 1pm :))) I just want to say this because that’s something I love about Switzerland. If you decide that you want to get out of Zurich, there are always plenty of options and you don’t need to be a master planner. And if you have the Half-fare card with SBB, for most rides you won’t even overpay for the tickets. Even though this is a country that runs like clockwork through careful planning, spontaneous people like me can also enjoy it! 🙂 Now onto the trip. We took a train from Zurich HB directly to Ziegelbrucke (just under one hour …

Bron: Day trip hike around Walensee – Just moved to Switzerland

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