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  • ‘You can’t say we progress quickly, but we progress well’ februari 20, 2020
    Johanna Gapany caused an upset when she became Switzerland’s youngest senator in 2019. But the 31-year-old doesn’t fall too far from the classic Radical-Liberal Party line. Last November, by just 138 votes (from 76,441 cast), Gapany became the youngest tenant of Switzerland’s 46-seat Senate, as well as becoming canton Fribourg’s first female senator. It was […]
    Domhnall O'Sullivan
  • Geneva platform helps climate refugees around the world februari 19, 2020
    Climate refugees have grabbed international headlines and their stories resonate easily, mirroring those of conflict refugees. Yet the topic is extremely complex, say experts. The Geneva-based Platform on Disaster Displacement is one of the organisations working on this issue, seen as one of the biggest humanitarian challenges this century.  According to the […]
    Simon Bradley
  • Can Switzerland compel its citizens to do public service? februari 18, 2020
    A popular initiative and a move in parliament aim to make it mandatory for all Swiss to do civic duty that benefits the community and the environment. The goal is to save the militia system and plug staff shortages in key sectors. But the idea may just run counter to international law, which bans forced labour.  A Swiss association for the promotion of milit […]
    Sibilla Bondolfi
  • Non-German speakers can finally go to the theatre in Zurich februari 19, 2020
    Zurich’s playhouse has recently introduced English surtitles for all its plays, hoping to cater to the big potential audience of expatriates and broaden its reach beyond the German-speaking crowd.  The Schauspielhaus Zurich is one of the leading theatres in the German-speaking world, having put on productions by some of the greatest playwrights and directors […]
    Eduardo Simantob, swissinfo.ch
  • How Switzerland can benefit from a growing Indian pharma sector februari 19, 2020
    The life sciences industry is of enormous importance for the economies of both India and Switzerland. That said, there are certain differences in their strategies.  India is a price competitive market. It hosts global players like Dr. Reddy’s, Aurobindo, Biocon or Sun Pharma whose strength is in complex generics and biosimilars. Swiss multinational companies […]
    Anke Hollnagel
  • A space boot camp in the Alps februari 18, 2020
    A hand-picked group of international students spent a gruelling weekend at a space boot camp in Crans-Montana, in southwestern Switzerland. Though firmly on planet Earth, the aspiring astronauts were preparing for a space mission. The camp, set up on frozen Lake Moubra in canton Valais, is part of the Asclepios project, a space mission simulating a mission o […]
    Céline Stegmüller
  • Could Switzerland help end the conflict in Yemen?  februari 18, 2020
    The war in Yemen has been raging for five years, at huge human cost. Some experts believe that neutral Switzerland, which is well respected in the region, might have a role to play in bringing peace.    Switzerland has good relations with both Saudi Arabia and Iran, which support opposing sides in the Yemen war. Its relations particularly with Riyadh have co […]
    Kathrin Ammann
  • What to do when snow is a no-show? februari 18, 2020
    It’s a nightmare scenario if you’re a skier: you’ve taken time off work, booked a chalet or hotel in an alpine resort weeks if not months in advance, and when you arrive there’s little if any snow. It was the third warmest January in the Swiss Alps since measurements were first taken in 1864. And in many parts of the Alps, it was also the driest. It confirms […]
    Dale Bechtel
  • Smartwatches call time on the Swiss industry februari 17, 2020
    The watch industry has always displayed a strong streak of economic irrationality. After all, you can buy a Casio digital watch for £5 that will tell the time more reliably than a mechanical Patek Philippe Grand Complications costing 40,000 times as much. As the advertising slogan goes, every watch tells a story. And the story the watch industry tells is tha […]
    John Thornhill , Financial Times
  • Who can collect Swiss unemployment benefits? februari 17, 2020
    If you lose your job in Switzerland, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. This is what you need to know. Every month, those with jobs pay into a fund to help those without. The contributions are split between employers and employees. In 2019, the Swiss unemployment rate was 2.3%, a new low. However, the national unemployment rate only counts people […]
    Susan Misicka

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