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  • Giacometti’s lost works reappear at Paris show  april 4, 2020
    Famed Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti destroyed many of his own works and lost countless others. Using photos of his mythical Parisian studio, his namesake institute has reconstructed some of these forgotten and little-known sculptures.  The room where Giacometti set up home with his brother Diego in 1926 is miniscule. A mere 24m2 on the ground floor of a ho […]
    Mathieu van Berchem
  • Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland april 4, 2020
    Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with nearly 20,000 positive tests and more than 600 deaths. Here’s the latest:  As of April 4 (3pm), 19,958 people have tested positive and 620 people have died, according to an aggregate of cantonal statistics. On April 2, the Swiss head of infectious diseases Daniel Koch indicated that t […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • Coronavirus is a nightmare for domestic violence victims april 4, 2020
    What happens when the doors to the house are locked? If the hope of stopping the Covid-19 pandemic lies in the confinement of populations, isolation also leaves more leeway for violent spouses. Swiss victim support organisations are concerned.     Stay home! The most important measure to combat the Covid-19 pandemic is being broadcast everywhere, in Switzerl […]
    Katy Romy
  • How much do Swiss people earn today? april 3, 2020
    Who takes home more – a pharmacist or a logistics manager? An assistant doctor or a head nurse? In this year’s Swiss salary round-up, we focus on the people working especially hard during the coronavirus crisis. Every year, canton Zurich’s Office for Economy and Labour publishes an almost 800-page book of salary data for a wide range of professions. It is ba […]
    Susan Misicka
  • What is considered enough when it comes to coronavirus testing? april 2, 2020
    Switzerland has one of the highest per capita rates of testing in the world, yet it does not have a comprehensive overview of the total infection rate. In this second collection of answers to readers’ questions, we explore whether there is such a thing as an optimal testing rate. Testing has become one of the most hotly debated topics of the pandemic. Althou […]
    Jessica Davis Plüss and Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi, With additional reporting by Domhnall O'Sullivan, swissinfo.ch.
  • Should all Swiss be wearing face masks? april 2, 2020
    “No,” say the Swiss government and the World Health Organization (WHO); “yes,” say some European governments and some Swiss politicians; “yes and no,” say many opinionated swissinfo.ch readers.  Since April 1, shoppers entering supermarkets in neighbouring Austria have been given a face mask which they must wear; the plan is to extend the measure to all food […]
    Thomas Stephens, swissinfo.ch
  • B&B chalet has room with alpine view, but no takers april 2, 2020
    Angela McMillan would love to have guests in her chalet in the mountain resort of Leysin. Her bed and breakfast is open for business, yet bookings have dried up due to the coronavirus lockdown. “We are really worried. For a lot of owners of holiday flats and B&Bs, this will be the end,” McMillan says, during a video call with swissinfo.ch. McMillan, an e […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • Start-up firms feel frozen out of coronavirus bailout funds april 2, 2020
    A year after setting up, technology firm Microcaps is hotly tipped for success having developed a novel method of producing microparticles for the healthcare, cosmetics and food industries. However, coronavirus has thrown an almighty spanner in the works for Microcaps and other Swiss start-ups. Just like other companies, start-ups are faced with shrinking re […]
    Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch
  • MSF deploys Covid-19 teams in Geneva to help most vulnerable april 1, 2020
    Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with arguably one of the best health systems, yet the scale of the coronavirus pandemic means that even the Swiss need humanitarian support. Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has 12 specialists in Geneva helping the main hospital as well as the homeless and other vulnerable residents.  […]
    Simon Bradley
  • Swiss commodities sector grapples with Covid-19 turbulence april 1, 2020
    The strategic importance of commodities and experience in handling fluctuations has helped commodity firms weather the coronavirus storm better than most. swissinfo.ch caught up with Florence Schurch, general secretary of The Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA), to find out how the commodities sector is handling the crisis and what it means for Swi […]
    Dominique Soguel-dit-Picard, swissinfo.ch

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