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  • Pandemic triggers debate over home office rules, compensation juni 2, 2020
    The coronavirus pandemic led an unprecedented number of people to work from home in Switzerland, raising questions over laws applying to home office. Of renewed interest is a 2019 federal court ruling that employers must contribute to employees’ rent payments if they are required to work from home. When is this applicable? “This decision mainly shows that th […]
    Dominique Soguel-dit-Picard
  • Swiss debate on corporate liability comes to a head juni 2, 2020
    Some of the world’s biggest companies, from Nestlé to Glencore, face the prospect of tougher ethical regulations in Switzerland, as a four-year debate over business practices comes to a head in parliament this week.  From Tuesday, MPs will have less than three weeks to thrash out a compromise to a proposed change to the law brought by the Responsible Busines […]
    Sam Jones
  • How food is being reimagined in Switzerland juni 1, 2020
    We are taking great care in deciding what we eat, ensuring more often that foods tick the right health, ethical and environmental boxes. Switzerland is proving fertile ground for changing the menu, from a meat substitute based on pea protein to lettuce grown without soil or pesticides. Clare O’Dea digs in. Some of the new innovations have to be tasted to be […]
    Clare O'Dea
  • Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland juni 1, 2020
    Switzerland is gradually easing unprecedented Covid-19 restrictions in a bid to avoid further damage to the economy. This is where things stand and the latest on the measures in place. Switzerland reported its first suspected Covid-19-related child fatality on May 29. But there is still some confusion over the circumstances.The country has been gradually loo […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • It helps to be Swiss, says new boss of Palestinian refugee agency  mei 31, 2020
    Philippe Lazzarini has a tough job. He officially took up the position as head of UNRWA, the UN’s embattled Palestinian refugee agency, on April 1, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As a veteran of UN humanitarian coordination, especially in the Middle East, he doesn’t think he was appointed because he is Swiss. But it helps, he tells swissinfo.ch. H […]
    Julia Crawford
  • Is remote learning a model for the future? mei 31, 2020
    How will technology-​delivered instruction affect learning? It’s still too early to reach a conclusion, but the implications for exams are clear, says ETH Zurich professor Elsbeth Stern. Since mid-​March, schools and universities worldwide have faced the challenge of converting their learning instruction to ICT (information and communications technology) alm […]
    Elsbeth Stern, Professor of Research on Learning and Instruction at ETH Zurich
  • Geneva's United Nations HQ a ghost town under lockdown mei 30, 2020
    The United Nations building in Geneva has been deserted since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. British photographer Mark Henley has ventured into the historic complex to capture the unique ghost town atmosphere.  The corridors and meeting rooms of the sprawling Palais des Nations, the UN’s second-biggest headquarters after New York, are usually ful […]
    Mark Henley (images) and Frédéric Burnand (text), swissinfo.ch
  • Fight over rights to Covid-19 drugs puts Switzerland in a tough spot mei 29, 2020
    Switzerland is caught between established practice and global solidarity when it comes to paying for and rewarding medical innovation. The Alpine country’s economy and its self-professed identity as an innovation powerhouse rely heavily on the rights and rewards attached to patents. It has the most European patent applications per capita and performs well in […]
    Jessica Davis Plüss
  • What is the role of Swiss military observers? mei 29, 2020
    In 1990 Switzerland sent military observers to work in a United Nations peacekeeping mission for the first time, a move that sparked debates in the neutral nation. Here’s a look at the history. What's this all about? In 1990 Switzerland contributed to a UN-peacekeeping mission for the first time. Thirty years later, some 27 Swiss military observers and […]
    Kathrin Ammann, with input from Julie Hunt
  • How flying in and out of Switzerland will look post-Covid mei 28, 2020
    Airports and airlines have outlined new safety measures as flights start to ramp up in Switzerland. Face masks are mainly recommended, but are in some cases compulsory, while social distancing measures may increase waiting times once passenger numbers increase. Airports While the wearing of masks is highly recommended, rather than compulsory, at Zurich and G […]
    Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch

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