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  • What Swiss researchers are doing to beat Covid-19 maart 31, 2020
    While Switzerland continues to be a hotspot for coronavirus cases, Swiss scientists and drug companies are playing an important role in the global effort to develop treatments or a vaccine for the virus.  “The scientific community has responded much more effectively to the Covid-19 outbreak than to the SARS outbreak,” Francesco Stellacci, professor at Lausan […]
    Clare O'Dea
  • On the frontline at a Swiss hospital battling Covid-19 maart 31, 2020
    Health workers at the University Hospital of canton Fribourg are doing their best amidst a general shortage of personnel, equipment and secure zones.  Fribourg is a rural canton close to the Swiss capital Bern with over 300,000 residents. Around 15% of the population is over 65 and therefore at high risk if infected with coronavirus. The cantonal hospital is […]
    Anthony Anex/Keystone, Images, swissinfo.ch/ac
  • Coronavirus: the situation in Switzerland maart 31, 2020
    Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, with over 16,000 positive tests and almost 400 deaths. Here’s the latest:  As of March 31, 16,250 people have tested positive and 395 people have died, according to an aggregate of cantonal statistics. By March 30, some CHF6.6 billion in emergency loans (out of an available fund of CHF20 b […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • Swiss sailors’ amateur films inspire Zurich art show maart 31, 2020
    An active merchant marine may sound at odds with a landlocked nation such as Switzerland, but the country prides itself of its high-seas fleet. The discovery of film footage by Swiss sailors in the 1960s led to a Zurich exhibition that explores some of the most pressing contemporary issues related to the sea. The vast expanse of the sea its promise of freedo […]
    Eduardo Simantob and Carlo Pisani
  • Different continent, same virus: how families are coping maart 30, 2020
    Families separated by oceans are finding comfort in their shared experience under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Three mothers with a connection to Switzerland talk about the challenges of living far away from loves ones. You are only a flight away. The thought used to give Nicky Hueni comfort, living thousands of miles from her Swiss family. Nicky […]
    Jessica Davis Plüss, swissinfo.ch
  • Swiss real estate market suffers fallout from epidemic maart 30, 2020
    The Covid-19 crisis could spell an end to the previously rosy situation for Switzerland’s real estate investors. Investors in residential property look back on a successful 2019 both in terms of value increase and of returns. Forecasts for the current year were optimistic until recently, for both property owners and renters. The Swiss National Bank’s negativ […]
    Jonas Glatthard, with input from Sibilla Bondolfi, swissinfo.ch
  • Hopes rising that war criminals will be brought to court   maart 30, 2020
    With Switzerland’s first international war crimes trial in a non-military court expected to take place in coming months, Swiss NGO TRIAL International says such “universal jurisdiction” cases are on the rise around the world. Switzerland has several other cases under investigation but still needs to step up the pace, it says.  The long-awaited trial of forme […]
    Julia Crawford
  • How the crisis reveals cultural divide between Swiss language regions maart 29, 2020
    Switzerland’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has sharply exposed the so-called ‘Röstigraben’ – the imaginary cultural and social divide between Switzerland’s German, French and Italian speaking areas.  “A Röstigraben has appeared between French- and Italian-speaking governments determined to block everything to slow the spread of the disease and the mo […]
    Simon Bradley
  • When I venture into Geneva, hand in glove maart 29, 2020
    My wife and I play our new No-Touch-Unless-Must game now when either of us goes out.  Points for taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and no grabbing the railing. Pull the door open with an elbow and wrist, the elbow again with the mailbox and the street-crossing button. Today I leave the apartment for the first time in three days, donning untouched tr […]
    Bill Harby
  • Global cooperation needed to prevent Covid-19 drugs ‘free-for-all’ maart 28, 2020
    Nations must pool resources and agree on how information and technology is fairly shared in the global fight against coronavirus to prevent the situation spiralling out of control, warns Geneva-based public health expert Suerie Moon. Currently, more than 531,600 people have been infected by the virus in 203 countries and territories, and over 24,000 have die […]
    Simon Bradley

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