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  • Coronavirus cases spreading in Switzerland februari 28, 2020
    Switzerland is taking unprecedented measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. For the first time, the federal government is taking over powers from the cantonal authorities to ban large gatherings.  At present, the virus poses only a moderate risk to the population, health officials say. However, the probability of further cases be […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • Switzerland bans major public events to slow spread of virus februari 28, 2020
    Switzerland has imposed a ban on public events that gather more than 1,000 people together in the same place until at least March 15 in response to the coronavirus threat. The ban comes into force with immediate effect in the midst of the carnival season which draws thousands of revellers to many Swiss towns and cities. It also affects sports events across t […]
    SWI swissinfo.ch
  • President of Ghana visits Switzerland to help attract investors februari 28, 2020
    For the first time in 60 years, Switzerland has organised a state visit for a leader from Sub-Saharan Africa – Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo. Two Ghanaian journalists give their insights into his visit.  Unlike other western countries, Switzerland and Ghana do not share a long history, explains Isaac Kaledzi, a journalist with Deutsche Welle. Switzerland […]
    Kathrin Ammann
  • Health detectives deployed in fight against coronavirus  februari 28, 2020
    To slow the spread of Covid-19, all those who have been in close contact with a contaminated person must be tracked down. The Swiss authorities have entrusted this detective work to a handful of experts.  As the focus is turning towards the cancellation of big events, these experts are doing a less publicised but equally vital job. It involves reconstructing […]
    Luigi Jorio
  • Swiss media split over ‘controversial hero’ Julian Assange februari 28, 2020
    As the extradition hearing of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues in London, Swiss newspapers can’t decide whether the Australian activist is a threat to democracy or its saviour.  “For some, Julian Assange is a computer hacker and spy who incited his accomplices to commit treason; for others, he is a champion of press freedom in the 21st century,” wr […]
    Thomas Stephens, swissinfo.ch
  • Unexploded munitions continue to reverberate in Switzerland februari 27, 2020
    Old Second World War bombs, grenades and other explosives that lie dormant at the bottom of Swiss lakes or under the Alps are still causing headaches for the Swiss authorities. On Tuesday, the residents of Mitholz in the Bernese Oberland received the bad news from Defence Minister Viola Amherd in person. The 170 locals may have to leave their mountain villag […]
    Simon Bradley (text), Helen James (images), Kai Reusser (graphics)
  • Swiss business takes on global waste februari 27, 2020
    Mr. Green, a recycling subscription service with a social mission, has been a big hit with busy families and businesses in cities in Switzerland. But can it work in Africa? Swiss entrepreneur Keiran Smith had no connection with Kenya before starting Mr. Green Africa. It all started more than a decade ago when four business school students in a shared house i […]
    Markus Spörndli, Nairobi, swissinfo.ch
  • Coronavirus: Head-shaking doctors and non-hand-shaking workers februari 26, 2020
    A day after the first confirmed case of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Switzerland, newspaper headlines include companies banning handshakes and doctors accusing the government of “irresponsibly” underestimating the danger.  “There’s absolutely no point in spreading panic, and the public mustn’t be intimated,” says Christian Althaus, an epidemiologist at the Un […]
    Thomas Stephens, swissinfo.ch
  • Should rail commuter data be monetised through advertising? februari 26, 2020
    Swiss Federal Railways is coming under fire for using the personal data of commuters for advertising purposes. The data commissioner and a watchdog group have sounded the alarm bell as the volume of data being harnessed grows. Thanks to the increasing digitisation of its services, the Federal Railways now has customer names, addresses, age, sex, telephone nu […]
    Matthew Allen, swissinfo.ch
  • Coronavirus: Ticino and its cross-border workers from Italy februari 25, 2020
    The southern Swiss canton of Ticino is just a few kilometres from the main hotbeds of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy. More than a quarter of the cantonal workforce commutes from Italy every day, and some locals want the federal government to close the border.  Why could the virus soon arrive in canton Ticino?  The Ticino border is just a hundred kilometre […]
    Armando Mombelli, swissinfo.ch

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